Dear Honeypot,

Looking back 4 years ago, March  2007. I met you. I liked you. You seemed like the person who would love me, take care of me and never bear the sight of tears in my eyes. Besides of being cute, you were fun loving, and I was sure that your good sense of humour would never let the smile on my face fade away.

The day after we came back from Majayjay,  I was at the gate of our boarding house, I opened it & saw you standing there & I knew I didn’t need to look any further. Someone’s shouting deep inside, I had found you.

At the roof top, I was happy. I said yes, without once thinking again. I was on top of the world – in the sky – in the seventh heaven of my fools paradise.

When we shared our first kiss. I knew then that you were the only person I wanted to kiss for the rest of my life. Seriously. Corny, I know. Go ahead & laugh  but it’s true.

Our first date was a snack at KFC, hahaha. I can remember almost every detail of that day, including what you were wearing . You talked less that time, so I am…  This is silly, I know, but I can remember watching you & thinking to myself that I hoped our kids would have your lips and your eyes.

I really miss this, after work we always ate salad and chicken plus a biggie soft drinks at Wendys or  Pansit and sisig at Masarap Kase. We found out that we’re both “matakaw’ hahaha…

The wedding day arrived – I was a little anxious, knowing little of the direction in which my boat was going to sail. I did not know then, that the rough tides would not allow it to sail at all. I was worried about adjusting to a married life, but we need to because we’re going to have a baby and  i love you, and nothing else seemed to matter.

Honey after even a few years of being married I have realized that no other person would have fitted the role in my life as you do. I am proud to b your wife. Surely, we have had enough of differences in this short period of time, but those little fights and bickering have only made our love go strong. Today, I know that we are just made for each other; Honey I am sorry, if I have ever unknowingly hurt you. That was not at all intentional and I can fill up the bruise with all my love. Thank you for being there with me through every thick and thin, I cannot imagine a life without you now. Love you now and forever. I will never be tired of saying this words to you….

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