100 Reasons Why I Love my Husband

1. He is truly a gift from GOD.
2. He is so cute.
3. He’s a wonderful father. BEST Dad ever.
4. He makes me know that he loves me everyday…
5. He loves me without make-up.
6. I can be myself in front of him.
7. I love his crazy sense of humor. He makes me laugh.
8. I love his smile.
9. I love his brown eyes.
10. He inspires me.
11. He cleans up messes i make.
12. Simply irresistible.
13. He is very responsible.
14. I love that he listens to me.
15. I love that he ask my advice.
16. I love the way he kisses me after taking a bath early in the morning and before going to work.
17. I love the way he calls me HONEYPOT, BUTCHIK, and MOMMY.
18. I love his squishy belly.
19. I love the idea that I’m suddenly happier the moment the he comes home from work.
20. I love that he ignores me when I’m too bossy.
21. He likes when i cook for him no matter how it taste.
22. He’s an occasional drinker, and he doesn’t smoke.
23. He treats me with respect.
24. He loves me for who i am.
25. He is so caring.
26. He’s funny….A happy person which makes those around him happier.
27. An organized person.
28. He helps me out when i can’t remember where i put things.
29. He lets me have space.
30. I love his cuddles and snuggles.
31. I love his legs.
32. He will do almost everything to make me happy.
33. I trust him more than i trusted anyone.
34. He makes our TWINS laugh.
35. He works so hard.
36. He doesn’t waste time..During free time…he cleans the house.
37. I love the way that we are silly together.
38. I love that he is still the same man after all this time.
39. I love that he trusts my judgment.
40. I love his patient with my tantrums.
41. I love his confidence in himself.
42. I love his intelligence.
43. I love that he knows that he can depends on me.
44. I love the look in his face when he’s being naughty.
45. I love holding his hand.
46. He is sweet and romantic.
47. He makes me feel beautiful inside and out.
48. He is positive person.
49. He is passionate and sensitive.
50. I never get tired of looking at him.
51. I love that he is chubby…so sexy…..
52. I love that he’ll admit when he is wrong.
53. I love that he shows off when he knows that he is good at something.
54. I love that he appreciates the beauty and value of things.
55. Sometimes he is stubborn, but will melt if I ask him to do something.
56. I love that he kiss me in the morning even without brushing my teeth.
57. He is good in forgiving me for occasional stupidity.
58. I love that he acts like a baby when he is sick.
59. He can make me smile even without doing  nothing.
60. I love the way he laugh and giggle.
61. I love his smell.
62. I love his flirty looks on me.
63. He’s so cute in his T-shirt and pants + his fav shoes.
64. I love the way he pinch my nose.
65. I love when he text me while he’s at work…
66. I love the way he throws his tantrums.
67. I love to see him arrive in his motorcycle..I feel like a teen having a crush on him.
68. I love him when he’s in his beast mode.
69. I love the way i miss him when he is at work.
70. I love how we can communicate just by looking each other.
71. I love the way how he make me so happy when we have time together.
72. I love when I lean back into his arm.
73. I love every time we watch movie  together.
74. I love the way he rub my back.
75. I love his playfulness.
76. I love the way he whisper I LOVE YOU.
77. I love the way he turned me on..
78. I love how childlike he can be at times.
79. I love how easy it is just be ourselves around each other.
80. I love how i still get nervous when I’m going to be seeing him.
81. I never asked for him, but he came by destiny.
82. I love his charm and charisma.
83. I love how understanding he is.
84. I love the way he loves me and our twins.
85. I love when we sleep he holds and wrap his arm around me.
86. I love his reactions when he watch his favorite sports.
87. I love how well he treats me.
88. He loves my family.
89. I love when he fall asleep on my lap.
90. I love how he makes me miss him after he’s been gone more than a minute.
91. I love that he knows my worth and he knows his own.
92. I love his outlook on our life together.
93. I love conversations with him.
94. I love how we both love to eat.
95. I love the way he stares at me.
96. I love how he keeps his word.
97.I love the way he surprises me.
98. I love the way he likes to look good.
99. I love the way he take care of our twins…the way he makes them giggle so much. the way he play with them.
100. I love him and my heart is shouting.


9 thoughts on “100 Reasons Why I Love my Husband

  1. aww i feel a lot of the same things about my husband so reading this made me so happy also realize how blessed i am. I wish i could think of a hundred things to do for him everyday i love him so much ❤ …


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